The National Sports Campus Development Authority
was established by the Government to:

• Develop the National Sports Campus;
• Manage, operate and maintain the Campus;
• Encourage and promote usage of the Campus.

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The Authority has responsibility for the operation of the National Aquatic Centre which is a key resource within the National Sports Campus at Blanchardstown. It has also refurbished buildings on the Campus to accommodate the Headquarters of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), the Irish Institute of Sport (IIS), and the Irish Sport HQ which accommodates the administrative headquarters of 19 National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of Sport in Ireland.

Since May 2010 NSCDA has accepted responsibility for the management and operation of Morton Stadium, Santry. It discharges this responsibility through its wholly-owned subsidiary NSCDA (Operations) Ltd which is also responsible for the National Aquatic Centre and other facilities at the Campus.

The NSCDA has also allocated substantial sites for the development in partnership with major field sports of Gaelic Games, Soccer, Rugby and Hockey.

In addition the National Horse Sport Arena was officially opened in October 2013.  The NSCDA have also put in place High Performance training facilities for athletes in a variety of sporting disciplines including Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon, Fencing,  Pistol-Shooting, Gymnastics and Diving.

The NSCDA has also completed the development of Multi-Sport All-weather Pitches and a Pavilion which are open to the Public for hire.

The Government has also recently announced capital funding for the development of a National Indoor Arena, the construction of which will get underway in mid 2014.


National Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown

Morton Stadium, Santry

Irish Institute of Sport

Football Association of Ireland

The Irish Sports Council

Swim Ireland

Athletics Ireland

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Irish Sport HQ - Administrative home for 19 National Governing Bodies (NGBs) from May 2013.



National Diving Training Centre opened in October 2013.




The National Aquatic Centre - Footfall of over 7 million in 10 years; High Performance Training Centre for Swim Ireland; Gross economic value of over €13 million per annum; Ireland's 3rd most popular recreational destination.



Football Association of Ireland (FAI) HQ which was opened in December 2007.



Irish Institute of Sport (IIS). Providing support services for 16 NGBs since November 2009.



Morton Stadium, Santry (MSS) under NSCDA Operations Company management since May 2010.



National Modern Pentathlon Centre is completed and in use. Opened in October 2013.



National Horse Sport Arena opened in October 2013.


Abbotstown House. Full planning permission achieved. Building undergoing a phased refurbishment. Planned new HQ for "merged" ISC/NSCDA.



National Sports Campus Development Authority,
I.I.S. Building, National Sports Campus,
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Tel: +353 1 809 7300  Email: bookings@nationalsportscampus.ie

National Sports Campus